Application of basic chords X Ambassadors – Renegades

Application of basic agreements X Ambassadors – Renegades. The previous Guitar Starter lessons we learned some basic chords, including C, Am, F, G, Em and D. In this lesson we learn to apply the chords to a fun song by X Ambassadors – Renegades.

Application of basic chords X Ambassadors - Renegades
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For this we need the chords Am, C, G and F in this order, and with capo on the second fret. In the beginning, it is important to get the agreements clean, and to create a smooth transition. Rhythm and tempo are therefore not important. Just start by hitting the chord 1 time and counting to 4. If you succeed, you can strike the chord 2 times. For the slightly more advanced guitarists, I also gave the right rhythm at the end of the video! Have fun with this great song !

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