Kids initiation: Make Some Noizzz

Kids initiation: guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, drum … or combination!

Kids initiation: guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, drum … or combination!

Introduction electric and acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass guitar and/or drums
30-minute lessons adapted to your child’s learning speed
Expert guidance by experienced music and guitar coach
no prior knowledge of music or solfège required
Play music from the first lesson!
your child can choose the songs he/she likes to hear
learning to follow a music score, in variable tempos
basic rhythmology, learning to listen to music

Introduction electric and acoustic guitar

Make some noizzz!

No need to tell you: every child likes to make a lot of noise and likes to slap on a guitar, bass guitar, ukulele or drum kit! Would you like your tender apple of your eye to follow a music initiation on guitar (and/or drum, bass guitar, ukulele), without having any prior knowledge of music and without having to buy your own guitar, bass guitar, ukulele or drum set?

Playing music from the first lesson

30-minute lessons are ideal for children up to 10 years old. After going through this initiation, it is often clear whether the child has sufficient interest and aptitude, and what preference he has in terms of instrument. After a series of initiation lessons, you can either choose to have lessons of 30 or 45 minutes. With 45 minutes, of course, we have a little more time together to play songs fully and go deeper into making music.

Anyone can learn to play an instrument

Kids initiation: guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, drum ... or combination!

I don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all system. Everyone, young and old, needs a different individual approach – that is my experience and starting point. If your child has certain points of attention that I can or should take into account, please report this in advance. I am thinking, for example, of ASD (autism), ADD, ADHD, or difficulty with reading, writing or arithmetic due to dyslexia or dyscalculia?

Music contributes to general development

Learning to play music, learn to listen to music, learn to play musical instruments, and learn to read music … Enough studies have been made about it that have shown that music increases the learning capacity, thinking ability, concentration and learning capacity of young and old. Music is a great added value during the study years of children and young people, and even elderly musicians remain mentally clear and fit until old age.