Bass guitar training individually

Electric or acoustic bass guitar training or bass lessons 1-on-1

Wouter Baustein bass guitar

all ages from 5 to 105 years
expert guidance, qualified and experienced music coach
Learn the basics up to advanced bass lines, bass fills, walking bass etc.
absolutely no prior knowledge of music theory or solfège required
bass guitar training and playing music from the first lesson
learn to listen to music
learn to analyze and interpret music and songs
learn to listen with your eyes and look with your ears 🙂
music styles of your choice … rock, pop, jazz, grunge, metal, electro, disco, soul, etc.

Guitar Studio is NO school: “The only rule is that there are no rules

✓ Production: Developing text and music into complete radio ready songs
✓ Song writing: how to write songs, music and lyrics
✓ music theory, harmony, solfège, rhythmology, ear training (ear training)
learn about band leading, interplay, stage, rehearsal, red flags
✓ bring your own songs or compositions and further develop them
✓ timing, solfège melodic and rhythmic
✓ improvisation and writing of own bass lines
✓ learn to read, interpret and summarize scores
✓ harmony: scales, chords & patterns, analysis

Guitar Studio bass guitar

Advantages of 1-on-1 coaching versus group lessons?

personal follow-up, feedback & coaching
We can answer questions about own songs, repertoire own band, etc
repertoire and music style you can choose as a bass student
the bass teacher follows your learning pace and not the other way around
the progression progresses much faster than with group lessons
flexible lesson hours are possible by appointment