Baustein Music / Guitar Studio / Drum Studio
Driehoekstraat 1, BE-3890 Gingelom
VAT BE0872862121
IBAN BE33-7350-0967-6746
SABAM IP: 00263905066

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Phone : +32.(0)476.666.300
E-Mail : info[at]


• Opening hours Mon-Fri 13:00-23:30 CET, Sat (on request). By appointment only!
• By paying our invoice, you automatically agree to the general terms and conditions
• All payments must be made before the start of the first session.
• In case of late payments (after 10 days), the invoice amount will be increased by 8% late payment interest with a minimum of 40 Euro.
• After the first increase in the invoice on day 11, the invoice amount will be increased again by 8% every subsequent 30 days
• Music productions are paid 50% before the start. The final product is released after the payment has been made 100%.
• Validity period purchased lesson credits: 10 credits (4 months), 6 kids credits (3 months)
• Remaining lessons, Baustein Method programs, and 50% deposit of music productions, are not refundable under any circumstances.
• Bookings of lessons and Baustein Method programs are neither removable nor movable if cancelled < 48 hours
• If the teacher is prevented by circumstances (performances, etc.), the appointments will be postponed at the choice of the client
• No pay = no play, no show = no refund, drugs & alcohol = suspended and no refund!