Guitar lessons and Ukulele individual training

Individual guitar lessons electric and acoustic (western) guitar, ukulele

Guitar lessons and Ukulele individual training

expert guidance by qualified and experienced guitar and music coach
solo guitar and/or rhythm guitar: from starter, advanced to professional guitarist
No prior knowledge of music (theory) or solfège required: play music from the first lesson!
learn to listen to music, and learn to analyze and interpret music and songs
no boring standard courses: self-made course material
choose the music styles: pop, rock, grunge, metal, punk, electro, disco, soul, etc.
all ages from 5 to 105 years
learn to listen with your eyes and look with your ears 🙂
No guitar yet? Use a guitar in the studio during the first lessons

On-site in the studio of Guitar Studio, or rather relax from home online lessons?

Online guitar lessons and ukulele online

From the online lessons you can expect the same as the regular private lessons in the studio of Guitar Studio: top notch quality and expertise! During the individual online private guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons, or other music lessons, you learn what you want, simply from home. Comfortable, no traffic jams, no travel times and no travel costs!

Online 1-on-1 guitar lessons have many advantages over static Youtube online lessons or 1-size-fits-all web courses. The music student receives personal guidance, at an adjusted tempo, clear exercises, instructions and structure, music style of your choice, and in addition to guitar technique, music theory, songwriting, hearing training, and help with writing his own songs can be discussed. The big advantage is the live interaction, feedback and communication between guitar student and guitar teacher.

Guitar Studio is NO school: “The only rule is that there are no rules“

Guitar lessons at Guitar Studio on-site

Benefits of individual 1-on-1 guitar lessons or personal guitar coaching
We ignore every school rule 😉 and focus 100% on your career
Learn what you really need to achieve your goals
Personal follow-up, learning roadmap & feedback
Specific questions about own songs, repertoire own band, production, etc possible
repertoire and music style can be chosen by the guitar student
The guitar coach follows your learning speed and not the other way around
much faster progression compared to group lessons
blocks of 90-135-180 min possible

Guitar Studio … for whom?

Both the beginner, advanced and professional guitarist can work with me. All lessons are individual, which has the advantage that the guitar student receives personal coaching and is followed up according to level, choice of music style, objectives, any prior knowledge, etc. But prior knowledge of solfège or music (theory) is absolutely not a requirement.

Anyone can learn to play the guitar

Anyone can learn to play an instrument. Electric guitar, acoustic (western) guitar, classical guitar, but also learn to work and play with effects and other hardware, play along with your favorite music, learn to read, interpret, learn to listen to music, … . Various styles can be covered such as funk, rock, metal, folk, singer-songwriting, R&B, reggae!

You decide what you want to learn and how far you have to or want to go, and it is my mission to guide and motivate you to achieve your personal goals.

Guitar Studio … how and what?

The lessons consist largely of practice. In parallel with practice, a necessary basis of music theory is built up with rhythm theory and timing as a starting point. As the level of play increases, so does the theoretical level. Music theory is something you can use for any instrument and is therefore never lost! It is also useful to understand what other people are playing afterwards, so that you can easily and quickly catch and hide mistakes during rehearsals and performances.

Playing technique is one thing, but what about its sound, color and tuning … ? Devices, operation, hardware, FX, recording, etc. can also be added to the guitar lesson if desired. Both beginning and advanced guitarists can work with me. All lessons are individually 1-on-1, fully customized and at the learning speed of the guitar student. Prior knowledge of solfège or music theory is not required!

Learn more than just guitar during guitar lessons

What else than guitar lessons?

✓ production: development of text and music into complete song
✓ Songwriting: How to write songs
✓ music theory, harmony, solfège, rhythm training, ear training (ear training)
✓ band leading, interplay, stage, rehearsal
✓ bring your own songs or compositions and further develop them
✓ timing & rhythmology, solfège, harmony, improvisation
✓ learn to read, interpret and summarize scores
✓ hardware, programming, routing
✓ analysis exercises