Hardcore Music Seminar: 12-week coaching program

Hardcore Music Seminar: Elevate Your Goals & Music Skills

Are you ready for the next level? Discover the secrets of achieving more results in less time. Get tools, personal training and coaching to accelerate to maximum performance.

Boost your music skills in no time
Recharge your energy, music, passion and lust for life.
Find clarity, focus, and take control of your future and dreams.
Stop repeating yourself, take action and step out of your comfort zone.
Push your own limits and become the best version of yourself.
Stop practicing endlessly, start playing music, focus on what really matters.
Music and clarity about your future, as a tool for inner peace and stress reduction

Price 12-week personal Hardcore Music Seminar

Launching price € 4950 ➜ € 2950 ex VAT (until 01.01.2024)
Full payment in advance before start, or 3 x monthly payment +15%

More info www.hardcoremusicseminar.com