Song release, music production, songwriting and (re)mixing

Ready to conquer the world with your own music and song releases?

Song release, music production, songwriting and (re)mixing

Do you want to record one or more songs? Do you want to make a recording or demo of your band? Do you have basic ideas or a vocal line with chords that you want to develop into a full song? You already have a recording and want to remix it? You are a DJ and want to make, develop and release your own songs?

Producer Wouter Baustein aka DJ Manic Youth

You want a mastering of a mix, ready to play on the radio and throw on Apple Music or Spotify?
In short, you want to be ready to conquer the world?
Let’s start at the beginning: a top notch professionally finished product!

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Vocal recording


During the pre-production process, all necessary preparations, as well as the elaboration and arrangement of a song, are made. It also determines which instruments are needed, and which session musicians, if any, should be hired.


You record the voice or vocal part and instruments digitally, and then edit, filter and add effects. A recording can range from simple vocals and an acoustic guitar, to a full band. In some cases it may even be limited to just one voice, with the other instruments such as keyboards, piano, orchestrations, drums, bass, etc, added via plug-ins and/or samples.


During (and sometimes after) the recording, the production enters a further process, this is called post-production. The recording is edited and additional instruments and voices – whether or not via plug-ins, samples or hardware – are added to create a full-sounding song.

recording, mixing, mastering, production

Pre-mixing and post-mixing

When all recordings have been made and the necessary editing has been completed, all instruments and effects have been added, mixing is the next step. During this process, all tracks are carefully cleaned up, cleaned up, arranged and filtered through EQ and compression. If necessary, some extra effects are added to get a warmer, wider or deeper picture, in order to arrive at a final balance where all instruments are in balance and the whole sounds clear and defined!


The final stage is the mastering process where the final mix gets a kind of final treatment, so that the song is ready to be played on the radio, pressed on CD/LP, or released via Spotify, Apple Music and other channels. During mastering, nothing can be changed in the balance of the music tracks. The mastering may differ for the type of carrier such as CD, LP or radio/TV/film/advertising.

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