Testimonials Guitar Studio guitar lessons

Testimonials Guitar Studio guitar lessons

Feedback from Stef (Mechelen) : top level, top quality, best lessons ever! Highly recommended!

It is a bit of a drive from Mechelen, but is really worth it to follow a session of 4 lessons every 3 weeks at Baustein Guitar Studio. Expertise combined with angelic patience is rarely encountered. The nice thing is that the content of lessons is not determined in advance, so you can come in with questions about guitar, playing music, own songs, productions, performances or anything else, and then the lesson will be dedicated to that. If you don’t have any questions 😉 then, of course, Baustein shakes out the necessary lesson content. In any case, I learn more here in 1 lesson than 20 lessons where I previously took guitar lessons.

Johan (Bierbeek): I can recommend it to anyone who plays guitar or wants to learn to play

I’ve been taking classes at Guitar Studio for almost two years now, and I haven’t regretted it for a second. I chose Guitarstudio because here you have the possibility to make appointments when it suits you, you do not have to go to class on the same day and time every week, as is the case in many schools. An ideal mix of theory and practice are discussed every lesson. For practice you can choose songs yourself, this is something that makes practicing at home much more pleasant. The teacher has a lot of patience, which is sometimes necessary, and certainly not unimportant! The advice you get when you want to buy something is also a bonus. In short, I can recommend it to anyone who plays guitar or wants to learn to play.

Harald M. (Leuven) : Guitar teacher with a lot of passion and patience

A guitar teacher with a lot of passion and a lot of patience, clear and structured instructions. Ideal for total starters or donkeys like me 🙂 !

Peter (Brussel) : Great Skypelessons

Great Skype lessons, but the teacher doesn’t know anything about football hehe

Baert (Flemish Brabant): Play a guitar solo with 1 note 😀 …

Before I took lessons at Guitar Studio I could already play and do some soloing, but I found the exercise funny: “And now we’re going to take turns playing a solo … a solo with only 1 note!”. Yes, and he really meant it! This may have been “tilt” for a while but I understand the philosophy, less is more, there is more than just a lot of notes per second. You can work and solo with rhythm, dynamics, fragments, patterns, sounds, … things I never thought about before 🙂

Remi (Zoutleeuw): On a stage you don’t play guitar but you play music

My guitar teacher always says, there’s a big difference between playing guitar at home and playing guitar on a stage — on a stage, you don’t play guitar but you play music. WTF ??? Hard to understand at first but I think it’s starting to seep in after a few gigs with cover bands. So you can’t get too lost in guitar exercises, allee, on stage playing the guitar should not sound like an exercise and should blend in with the whole of the group and you should take into account what the audience wants to hear, and not what you want to play as a guitarist (read: ego tripping).

Julia F. (Leuven): Super lessons for my singer/daughter

My 13-year-old daughter has a natural aptitude for singing and we wanted to support this. Through Guitar Studio we were helped to improve her singing technique. Since our daughter wanted to accompany herself on acoustic guitar, Guitar Studio mainly worked on the technique she needed for this. It was nice that she played the same songs as exercises on guitar in parallel with the singing exercises. She was able to practice both vocals and guitar, and as a result she has performed only acoustically a few times at school events and parties with songs by Adele, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry. The singing lessons and guitar lessons have given her, outside of technical development, a serious boost of self-confidence.

Danny (Halle): Guitar lessons on music and guitar technique you need in real-life

I love that the teacher teaches according to real-life principles. I mean, a lot of guitar teachers attach too much importance to improvisation, playing solos, right down to shred states. In terms of attitude, guitar teachers are too often in a mere “guitar world” or, say, their ideal dream world. If you ask, these techniques and exercises are treated with pleasure, but the guitar teacher also says that this requires a lot of practice and maintenance and that there are more useful things, especially for people like me who can only practice for an hour a day. He always says: “Play 2 chords in the right and perfect way with the right sound, and 50,000 people are jumping. Play a great and difficult shred sweep tapping solo and everyone is going to drink a pint of beer out of boredom.’

Verbruggen (Wingene): songs of your choice adapted to the level of the student

The teacher fully adapts to the student’s learning pace. Unlike other guitar teachers who rush when the guitar student doesn’t understand, here it is explained clearly again without any problems. The guitar exercises are also completely at the student’s level, and you can ask for any songs, which are then adapted (read: simplified) so that you can play each song at any level. Hop enough sifting, and now practice guitar again 🙂

Fabian D. (Hasselt): advanced lessons

I wanted to take guitar lessons at the Muziekodroom in Hasselt, because this was closer for me. But since they had waiting lists for the guitar lessons in the Muziekodroom, and since I can’t wait :-))) I ended up at Guitar Studio through a guitarist friend. I now take an hour and a half of lessons every 2 weeks and I have to say nice to get lessons from a top professional guitarist!

R. Francis (Sint-Truiden): to-the-point guitar lessons that progress quickly

When I started guitar lessons at guitar studio I quickly noticed that I had missed some basic things, especially things like timing, dynamics, expression, touch pick, speed, synchronization … or just call it finishing the details. In the meantime I have learned a lot of new chords and also a number of scales / modes. Now I am starting to understand the solos I play and I can improvise a bit myself here and there.

G. Weyns (Tremelo): learned a lot in a short time

The lessons are very well structured and structured. I learned a lot in a short time in terms of guitar technique and improved a lot of songs I play for my cover band.

A. d’Haezen (Linter): really for all ages and all levels

I think it’s great how the guitar coach of Guitar Studio gets my 7-year-old son motivated to play guitar and keep playing. He’s been at it for 5 months now. The lessons are adapted to the level and age of the student and I think it is good that the emphasis is placed on the pleasure of playing music and not immediately hammering away at all possible scales and stuff. I think that’s why the guitarists stay motivated. Actually sometimes funny I was waiting in the waiting room and heard someone playing CCR. Apparently a 64-year-old man who walked outside with his guitar. Then my 7-year-old son took my turn with a song by Amika. That must be a switch button for that guitar teacher ;-p you just have to be able to do it. Andre.

B. Jossaer (Keerbergen): for me the guitar lessons at Guitar Studio get an A+++

What a difference from the previous guitar lessons I took in Keerbergen. At Guitar Studio, at least, I get printed course material to practice at home. For me, the guitar lessons at Guitar Studio get an A+++ ! Greetings from Bruno.

F. De Sutter (Sint-Truiden): the guitar lessons progress very quickly

I had been playing guitar for 30 years, always learning on my own. When I felt stuck playing guitar, I ended up at Guitar Studio through an acquaintance. It soon turned out that I did not master certain basic techniques and basic theory well, well that is the risk of learning on my own … . Anyway, the guitar lessons progress very quickly, which I think is a strong point compared to long-lasting guitar lessons in a group.

G. Raemackers (Walshoutem): the difference with the previous guitar lessons is enormous

My son had first taken about 20 guitar lessons in a group. The strong thing about Guitar Studio is that they follow the level and pace of the student. And I have to say that my son has learned more and made more progress in 3 lessons than in those 20 group lessons. Top!

R. Vranckx (Tienen): at least now I get notes and course material

Hahaha I thought it was pretty funny when the guitar coach from Guitar Studio asked me to bring my course or notes from my previous guitar teacher. At least now I get notes and course material to take home so that I still know what to study on my guitar at home :-). For more difficult exercises, I even use my mobile phone’s camera to film parts of the guitar lesson … convenient for home.

R. Van Laer (Hasselt): “it’s a small detail, but this makes the difference between a real guitarist and an amateur”

I have been playing guitar for 25 years and in a cover band for about 15 years in styles from contemporary pop, rock to metal. I was already an advanced guitarist when I decided to try a few lessons. I have to say that despite my playing level, a lot of details have improved both in terms of guitar technique and the songs we play in the cover band. As the guitar coach so often says: “it’s a small detail, but this makes the difference between a real guitarist and an amateur”. It is also cool that in the lessons I can discuss and analyze songs that I effectively need for my group. Roger.

M. Deridder (Bertem): make a note for the next guitar lesson Slipknot and Dream Theater

Hehe the max just I get to choose the style and music in the guitar lesson. We’ve already done : Metallica, System of a Down and Bullet for my Valentine. Make a note for the next guitar lesson 😎 : Slipknot and Dream Theater! Greetz, Marco.

D. De Smet (Leuven): no knowledge of solfège required

The nice thing is that theory and practice run parallel here. I was a starter with zero bones knowledge of music theory and no I didn’t feel like attending 3 years of evening school at the music school. Thanks Guitar Studio.

S. Berghs (Sint-Truiden): you learn very quickly, much faster than you would learn from yourself

Scales and modes that I learned from the pentatonic scale, minor blues scale, major blues scale and the regular diatonic scales were a great help in learning solos from the outside and I can now even improvise pieces myself (at my level).

D. Delarue (Landen): I always look forward to the next lesson

I had no experience with any instrument. Fortunately, the guitar lessons are adapted to the level of the student, and they help you achieve your own goal. You feel that you are making progress, that your level is slowly but surely rising. With the good atmosphere in the lessons, there is certainly no motivation too short to practice. I always look forward to the next lesson, another chance to learn something! After a few lessons at Guitar Studio you really feel that your level is starting to rise!

C. Davids (Leuven): also learn about guitar effects and their use

I have been taking lessons at Guitar Studio for several months. I had mainly learned to play the guitar myself with books and via the internet, but was stuck in the long run. In a few months I have made a lot of progress, learned a lot of chords and developed the left hand as well as the right hand playing technique better. I also think it’s very good that there are a lot of effects available for the students and also a large Marshall amplifier. You can experiment with the effects to your heart’s content and it is especially interesting that we try to approach the sound of the songs by using the right effects. I return satisfied. Bye, Chris.

R. Van Lesse (Aarschot) : better to go to Guitar Studio 1 time every 3 weeks instead of guitar lessons in a group every week!

I first took a year of guitar lessons in a group, because I thought it was cheaper (15 euros per lesson in a group of 15 guitarists). However, after my wife gave me a gift voucher for guitar lessons at Guitar Studio, I noticed that I learn more on 1 lesson than on 5 guitar lessons in a group. The calculation is quickly made ; the individual guitar training at Guitar Studio is ultimately much cheaper! Aarschot is a long drive away, but I’m happy to give it up! Until the next lesson!