I want to be a guitar virtuoso! Cool, but what is a virtuoso exactly?
Practice less guitar! Practicing too much means there’s something wrong!
New technique or new guitar? Make it your guitar comfortable to play!
The main type of guitars for contemporary music
How fast can I learn guitar? Are guitar lessons really necessary?
Stompboxes versus multi-fx. Floor vs rack? Pro and contra?
I practice a lot but make little progress! Do you practice correctly?
Very important: be sure to buy a guitar that says “play with me”!
Important: stop practicing GUITAR and start playing MUSIC!
Which guitar should you buy as a beginner or starter guitarist?
Buy an electric, acoustic, western, folk or classical guitar?

FX pedals order, how should your pedal board be set up?
Some influential and important guitarists, with their greatest hits
Playing loud is pure ecstasy … but please do protect your ears!
No pain no gain? Idiots only! Is it normal if you are in pain!?
Playing music ain’t about winning … it’s just all about grooving
Success = 100% thanks to the artist! No success = the fault of … ?
First studio recording? Congrats, your band is going to split!
Rest != Rust … just a stupid quote or is there a source of truth?
Go for BEAUTY, not the BE(A)ST. What is the most important thing as an artist?

Help! Performing tomorrow, but you’re sick? What to do now!?
Playing music makes you smarter. Are you the new Einstein?
Warm-up exercises for guitarists and guitar players! No superfluous luxury.
On stage you play music! Is improvisation for the home?
Absolute and relative hearing. Can you train both or not?
Color choice of the guitar neck! Important or not for guitarists?