Playing music makes (even) smarter!

Playing music makes (even) smarter! Playing music is good for development, and makes you smarter!

Playing music makes (even) smarter!

It’s old hat, every so often there is a journalist who takes old articles out of the drawer and posts with a new photo as if he has discovered the hot water. But bon, let’s post the article, because it is indeed scientifically proven that learning to play an instrument has a positive effect on the development of a child. Not only in children, but also for adults, music ensures that the brain and motor skills are continuously trained, so that older people stay young at heart for longer. Below is an excerpt from an article from the online magazine Nina ( Unfortunately, the writer of this article completely misses the ball with his/her opening title : “Smarter without effort thanks to these six hobbies”. Ai ai ai, obviously someone who doesn’t play music and doesn’t play sports.

Do you also want to become smarter in your spare time, without having to put a lot of effort into it? Then you might be able to try out one of the hobbies below. Scientists have proven that learning new skills can contribute to the creation of nerve pathways that make the brain work faster and better.

Playing the piano makes you smarter

Playing music stimulates creativity, analytical skills, language skills, motor skills and even a sense of mathematics. Various brain studies have shown that playing a musical instrument strengthens the brain bar, which connects the two hemispheres of the brain and ensures that they can exchange information.

The left hemisphere is responsible for our sense of language, logic and sense of reality, while the right half is responsible for spatial insight, imagination and emotional state. In music-making children, both halves appear to be more strongly connected to each other. This is due to the activation of neurons in the brain: fewer neurons die and better connections are created. Regardless of age, there is a link between a better brain bar and memory function, problem-solving ability and general brain functioning.