Go for BEAUTY, not the BE(A)ST

Go for BEAUTY, not the BE(A)ST! You wanna be the best guitarist in the world! OK, you have a problem … a huge problem! Stop focusing on playing the guitar, and focus more on playing music on your guitar. Do you really think you are going to be the best guitarist on a globe with 7 billion people, of which maybe 500 million guitarists … haha good luck! What is the best guitarist? The fastest, the best known, the one with the most strings, the oldest, the youngest, … ? I don’t know, you tell me? Was Jimi Hendrix the best guitarist? Technically, oh no oh no far from it! Musically, definitely one of the best! That man made history as a guitarist, and not by wanting to be the fastest or the “best”.

Ga voor BEAUTY, niet voor de BE(A)ST

OK don’t throw mud, but just look at it this way: when you go for the best instead of beauty, the risk is extremely high that the “I” becomes more important than “the music”. I… ego… ego tripper … get it? Yes that’s it, and then frustrations, tensions, competition, jealousy, worries … Not to mention the physical consequences. Put such egos in a music group, and the rehearsals and performances become frustrating matches instead of concerts. Focus on music, the groove, the beauty, the sound … And a person feels better. The EGO takes over, the body becomes stressed and all musicality stops.