How long to practice guitar a day to become a better guitarist?

How much to practice guitar to become a better guitarist?

Regular practice on your guitar is an absolute must if you want fast progress.

Hoe lang gitaar oefenen per dag om een betere gitarist te worden?

Preferably 5 minutes every day instead of 1 time per week an hour. Practicing guitar every day refines motor skills, trains memory, increases playing speed, and improves timing and synchronization between left hand and right hand. We are happy to put together a tailor-made guitar practice program with a number of guitar exercises (guitar technique, scales, chords, songs) that you can do every day. The progress made is easy to time: in the beginning the guitar exercises will take 15 minutes, but soon you will notice that all the exercises are done in a few minutes … And then it’s time to add new exercises.