Playing loud is pure ecstasy… but protect your hearing!

Protect your hearing. Your hearing is essential as well as
musician as well as in everyday life.

Playing loud is great fun, it’s the 4th dimension of music : the gut feeling, vibrating floors under your feet, the frequencies that coursing through your body … pure ecstasy! Compare it to a rollercoaster hurtling down or through a looping! What a great feeling! But purely hypothetically, suppose you were to rush through that same looping for 2 hours? Still just as fun (and just as healthy)? In short, excess harms! When you practice and rehearse guitar, turn down the volume! Nothing is as pleasant as rehearsing at a low volume so that you can still hear each other while playing music.

Playing loud is pure ecstasy... but protect your hearing!

If you want to activate the 4th dimension and turn up the volume button, wear hearing protection. And not from those mousse cubes from the pharmacy, but have custom-made -20db earbuds made that filter the frequencies proportionally. The regular earbuds filter the frequencies unevenly, making the sound in your ears unrealistic and unpleasant: for example, high tones are dropped more than low tones, so you tend to set the EQ incorrectly.

The custom earbuds are expensive, but… You only have 1 pair of ears and they are irreplaceable. Just read about hearing loss and tinnitus… And you’ll rush to the audiologist for hearing protectors. Hum, whistle, murmur, anytime, anywhere for the rest of your days! Hearing damage can occur quickly or slowly. You can safely process very high decibels for 30 years without experiencing any problems, you think, but without realizing it, the hearing damage accumulates, and one day your deaf wakes up with irreversible hearing loss or tinnitus. Another example is traumatic, in which an accident or sudden high decibels immediately severely damage hearing. In this case, there is a minimal small chance that a quick medical procedure can still remedy it. But still, better safe than sorry!