Fine motor skills and coordination exercise on guitar

fFne motor skills and coordination exercise on guitar! The previous Warm-Up guitar lessons we focused on training and developing fine motor skills, so the control of your fingers. These exercises are ideal for starting guitarists, but certainly also for advanced guitarists. For example, it is ideal to do these exercises before you start playing the guitar, or just before a performance. It is also important to keep doing these exercises, because, as you will notice, these movements feel very unnatural. For example, you want to move finger X, and suddenly another finger moves … Like you have no control or like your brain is controlling the wrong finger. Pretty funny, but also frustrating at first.

Fine motor skills and coordination exercise on guitar
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In this exercise, we continue on the diagonal fingering, this time switching 2 non-consecutive fingers. First we are going to switch the index finger and ring finger, leaving the middle finger and pinky. Second exercise, is to switch the middle finger and little finger, index finger and ring finger remain standing. And as a third guitar exercise, switch the index finger and little finger, leave the middle finger and ring finger. Do these exercises very slowly, feel free to take the time to think … and have fun ! All right, I wish you a lot of fun, and if you have any questions or comments – feel free to let me know !

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