How to store a guitar

A small detail, but not negligible subject and very important for your guitar. What is the best way to store and store a guitar?

To begin with, a guitar consists of wood, metal, electronic parts and sometimes other materials such as fiberglass. It goes without saying that moisture and extreme temperature differences, for example a heat source such as radiator or direct sun, is an absolute killer for any instrument!

Hoe een gitaar bewaren of opbergen

Do you notice that eg the strings show rust stains … Then find a better storage place for your guitar or ensure sufficient airflow and ventilation.

An electric, acoustic or classical guitar is best stored lying down or hanging. There are various types of guitar holders and uprights on the market, but preferably avoid uprights where the guitar neck is supported at an angle. Likewise, never place a guitar leaning its neck against the wall or the like. Preferably one buys a stand where the body is supported, or where the guitar is placed sideways.

Even better is to lay the guitar flat in, for example, a guitar case, but do not put a guitar on the floor when there is underfloor heating. A good, cheap and visually beautiful solution is to hang the guitar on the wall with a wall holder. This holder clamps the head stock of the guitar, so that the weight is carried vertically.

At Guitar Studio I use the König & Meyer 16280 wall mounts, and a standard electronic thermometer and hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity.