Playing chords: learn some new chords on guitar

Learn to play some new chords on guitar! In this guitar lesson we learn to play a number of new chords. Last time we learned to play the C (C major or do major), Am (A minor or la minor) and F (F major or F major). Today it is the turn of Em (E minor or E minor), G (G major or sol major) and D (D major or Re major).

Playing chords: learn some new chords on guitar
Guitar Training Studio: Wouter Baustein video youtube

In this guitar video you will learn how to play the chords in the right way, with the right fingering, and very importantly : make the right transitions between successive chords. Practice these 6 chords in total, then we can learn to play a beautiful song as an application next guitar lesson! A pdf with the 3 new chords can be downloaded via this link:

PDF : Guitar Studio TV – Guitar Starter – C- Em – G – D

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