What numbers do the fingers get when learning how to play the guitar?

In this short guitar lesson we learn the finger numbering of the hand with which we play on the guitar neck: for right-handed guitarists this means the left hand, for left-handed guitar players the right hand. This numbering is important as it is regularly reflected in our guitar lessons, but this is certainly also applicable for those who learn to play guitar via the internet or read sheet music (scores) for guitar.  Many of you will already know this, but we still want to talk about it briefly since starting guitarists in our guitar lessons are often mistaken.

Gitaar tabs
Akkoorden op gitaar

When we talk about certain songs of finger in guitar lessons, it is important to apply this correctly in the guitar exercises, as this contributes to easier and faster playing of scales and songs, especially when it comes to more complicated guitar riffs, guitar solos, passages, scales, etc.

This finger notation is often found on tablatures and chord boxes (images of chords), but this is also equally important for classical musicians and classically trained people: on many classical scores, the numbers of fingers are written down at the notes to help you read faster.

Welke nummers krijgen de vingers om gitaar te leren spelen ?

For the left hand we agree:
• Index finger= number 1
• Middle finger= number 2
• Ring finger = number 3
• Pinyk = number 4
• Thumb = letter T (from Thumb)

In addition to this numbering, it is also important to learn the correct fretboard numbers and string numbers.
You can learn this in one of the following free online guitar lessons.